Mens Wardrobe Refresh

Does this sounds familiar?

Do you find shopping for clothes overwhelming?
Do you feel like you have lost your fashion mojo?
Do you feel like you're losing the battle with the wardrobe?

Shopping can be a painful unproductive experience if you don't know where to go or what to get!

I am here to help.

"I hate shopping for work clothes. All that mucking around, trying on stuff that doesn’t fit and not even knowing whether it looks good or not. What a hassle, not to mention a potential waste of money.

So it’s easy to get to the stage where all your clothes are a bit tired. And that’s when my wife organised a stylist to get me sorted. The experience with Michelle was hard work, but you’d expect that when you do about 5 years’ worth of shopping in one afternoon.

I’ve never tried on so many clothes in one session (or seen shop assistants getting ordered around so much!) . But it was efficient! Once Michelle got her eye in, nearly everything fitted, most of it looked good immediately and I could start to see how things fitted together.

We went into shops, left piles of “possibles” behind, discussed it over a coffee, then went back and grabbed what we wanted. The next day Michelle went through my wardrobe, biffed everything that didn’t work and had a quick recap on what went with what.

If you don’t like shopping, don’t have time for shopping or don’t want to waste money on shopping, then I’d recommend talking to Michelle!"

- Garry

This is the process I follow

Consultation on your style and what you are looking for. Then we power shop together, think military operation, no time is wasted!

There is an optional extra this involves going through your wardrobe and showing you how you may co ordinate existing items and make sure you are comfortable to co ordinate your new looks.

ADDED Optional Bonus: After our consult and shopping trip, I will know your best-fit options, colours and your style personality. Then I will be able to supply you with new season options that can be delivered to your door!

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